Since the beginning of our business we have been working all over the world with a particular attention to the Countries of the Maghreb area where we also have a network of local collaborators who can guarantee the after-sales service, technical consultancy services and technical personnel; we can offer the following services everywhere:

- Sales -
In addition to the various types of steam and heat generators, we usually offer all the plant accessories that are necessary for correct plant functionality, such as chimneys, water feeding tanks, water treatment plants, steam chambers, pipes and plant accessories or for the realisation of complete plants.

We have a storehouse for accessories and spare parts, that is constantly replenished and able to quickly satisfy our Customers’ requests.

- Assistance and Maintenance -
Our technical personnel is always available and easily contactable for all your requirements, both to give assistance by phone and to organise the supply of spare parts or to carry out check visits.

We take care of all kinds of maintenance or repairs, directly or through a network of collaborators, in Italy as well as abroad, organising quickly every detail of the intervention.

All our generators are accompanied by a technical schedule that we prepare before the delivery, which is constantly updated with each important fact such as controls, changes or maintenance, in order for us to carefully follow every phase of use of our products and to be able to intervene efficiently even 20 years after the supply date.

- Accessories -
Below you will find the main accessories that we usually produce or supply, and please do contact us with all your specific requirements in the field of thermotechnics.

Chimneys, tanks and cisterns for water or fuel. Softening plants, deferrizators, filters of many types, demineralization plants, even with reverse osmosis, UV sterilizers, water purification lines. Steam chambers, steam pressure reducing groups, drainage, condensation recovery and level systems, expansion compensators, steam accumulators. Autoclaves for water pressurization, plants for air pressurization, hot water producers, heat exchangers. Water or fuel pumps, condensation dischargers, interception or regulation valves. Line instruments and accessories both for regulation and safety. Complete groups for steam or hot water, even pre-assembled in container or on self-carrying platforms.

- Plant Engineering -

Since more than 30 years we have been setting up thermal power plants, in Italy and abroad, equipped with all working, control and safety accessories, preparing all the materials that are necessary and sending skilled personnel for the installation, starting-up, regulation, testing and staff training to be given to the people who will be in charge of using and taking care of the maintenance of the plant in the future.

We design, we supply the necessary materials and we also realise the fluid distribution lines in the workshop, feeding the uses of steam, water, air, providing also to condensation recover, feeding of cooling towers, cold water distribution or any every kind of technological fluid that is usually necessary.

- Technical Assistance -
Together with the Customer, we study and supply every type of line accessory, such as steam pressure reducing groups, systems of drainage and throwing back of condensation, expansion compensators, pressurization autoclaves, air compressors, washing groups, hot water producers, heat exchangers, and everything that is usually necessary.

Our technical office implements personalized projects based on the specific requirements of our Customers, preparing the schemes and drawings in accordance with the regulations in force.

If necessary, we work together with many external technical offices which are able to satisfy each requirement concerning the project or with reference to the regulations, even for supplies to foreign countries.


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